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Can I register as a patient?

Absolutely! We would love to provide dental care for you, your family and friends you may decide to recommend to us along the way. Simply contact us by phone or email and one of our friendly staff will be available to help you begin the easy process of registering as a patient.

I don't live in Weir Views, can I still book an appointment?

Although our practice is designed to be convenient for the Weir Views and surrounding community, we welcome patients from all over Melton, Melbourne and Australia. Wherever you’re from, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to have an appointment with us.

Do I need to arrive early for my first appointment?

Yes, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to fill out any remaining patient forms.

Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

Some people will not see a dentist regularly and instead subscribe to visiting only when they have a problem. Whilst these patients may feel as if they’re saving time and money, it often ends up costing a lot more in the long run when things do go wrong. 

We believe that where possible, preventative treatment is better than crisis treatment. Many dental issues don’t show symptoms until they reach a critical stage of the disease process, but a dentist can usually detect these issues long before they develop into symptoms. This early detection can help you prevent symptoms, pain and further treatment.

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